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Just watched one of the girls in the flat next door throw a pile of clothes into the bins at the back. She used to wear a lovely brown alpha n2b that I haven't seen in a while and her flatmate used to wear a blue and a green snorkel parka.
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Jacobin pigeons were named after the Jacobin order of monks who date from and were known for their distinctive hooded habits. According to the Oxford Dictionary, the Jacobins were Dominican friars so-called after the nearby church of St Jacques in Paris.

I wear a baseball cap with the hood up over it and normally just a t-shirt and jeans so I don't get too hot. My Alpha is by far my best coat. Love to chat to anyone about parkas. Simon - November 03, - Report this comment. Parkalover - November 04, - Report this comment. Hi all, add me on Facebook or Fetlife, Parkalover I own a few alphas, and wear them every day: Duffle - November 30, - Report this comment.

Hi to all I collect snorkel jackets as well I have well over 40 parkas in my collection from alphas. Plus more been in to snorkel jackets since I was a kid. Hi Duffle - are you in the UK? If so it would be good to have a chat and maybe a meet up. If you want follow me on Twitter 80sParka I have over parkas in all colours too. Duffle - December 12, - Report this comment. I only get to come on this site once a week as I have no internet at mine so I have to borrow my daughters internet when I go over to see her so don't be surprised if it takes a while to answer back to you.

Hoodup - December 17, - Report this comment. Exactly the same here, been into snorkel parkas since I was in my teens and just love girls in parkas. Furlinedparka - January 01, - Report this comment. Anybody interested to talk about parkas? Especially parkas with huge hoods. Sometimes, I wear my parkas with the hood inside out. I just couldn't bare to be without a snorkel parka. I have 4 snorkels here and still buying them on ebay.

N2B Parka - February 07, - Report this comment. Hi Nathan-I love parkas with big fur lined hoods trimmed with big fur ruffs! Love to wear the hood inside out so I can see all of that soft fur!

Furlinedparka - February 09, - Report this comment. Hi N2B Parka, I also like wearing my fur lined parkas with the hood inside out. I can be leave how many people still love wearing the old parka coats like me. I have a navy one. Gazwold - March 05, - Report this comment. I can't believe how many people are on here talking about parkas, I have a large collection of Alpha N3b Parkas, which I wear one of everyday in the winter, and for as long as I can in the spring. I love wearing my parka.

Parkalover - March 07, - Report this comment. Hi all, anyone want to chat about parkas,maybe even meet up? And or close to you call me. Gaswold - April 17, - Report this comment. Simon - April 20, - Report this comment. Follow me on Twitter 80sParka. Gazwold - I am in Manchester, do you drive? I do, we could meet up halfway in our parkas!

Parka girl - April 24, - Report this comment. Gazwold - April 28, - Report this comment. Hi Parka girl, do you have a collection of snorkel parkas, what's you favourite make? I love seeing women wearing snorkel parkas. I'm an Alpha parka wearing single guy. My favourite is jonjo in black old sckool. Ihave a njce collection to look at if you live near leicerster.

JohnnyParka - May 11, - Report this comment. I just found this site! I have almost snorkel parkas. Some of you may be familiar with my site parka-fetish. Its for gay men into snorkel parkas. I am in the US and have no snorkel parka friends here. I would love chatting about parkas. Gazwold - May 19, - Report this comment. Hi Parka girl, I'm about 2 hours from you as well, I live near London. Hoodtight - May 31, - Report this comment. Do any guys enjoy down jackets or Canada Goose parkas as well?

Hoods up of course!! Parka girl - June 07, - Report this comment. Gazwold - June 27, - Report this comment. I'd like to come and see you and your collection of snorkel parka's. JohnnyParka - August 06, - Report this comment. Are there any gay guys who would like to have private chats about snorkel parkas and fantasies?

Hi JohnnyParka - yes! I am and a huge collection - contact me via Twitter send a DM 80sParka take it from there. JohnnyParka - August 07, - Report this comment. I am having Twitter troubles. We may need to chat through email or skype.

I had a red one of these back in the seventies when I was about eight years old. I wore my new one to school, and a classmate stole mines, trading it for her old raggedy red one.

Mom came to school and got it back. It was so warm. JohnnyParka - September 05, - Report this comment. Mitchie - September 30, - Report this comment. I remember the Williams brothers with their parka snorkels.

There were four brothers and the oldest one always wore the second hand parka first.. By the time it was handed down it was filthy smelly and the orange lining black with dirt. They are a size large love the snorkel parka and see more people with them. Nathan - November 05, - Report this comment.

JohnnyParka - November 22, - Report this comment. I have a huge collection of them so I can always have a different one to play in. Gazwold - November 27, - Report this comment. I dream of women in snorkel parka's, I love seeing women wearing snorkel parka's. I've got an Alpha N3b parka, which I've started wearing all the time now that winter is on it's way.

Caleb - December 02, - Report this comment. Any Canadian parka fans out there, where our old school parka had fur lining throughout the whole parka. Great it's winter again, really enjoying wearing my snorkel parkas with their hoods zipped right up.

Gazwold - December 04, - Report this comment. Hi Hoodup, I'm glad winter is here, I've been wearing my Alpha N3b with the hood up, and with the zip pulled up as well, lovely and warm. Gemma P - January 20, - Report this comment. I got a Spiewak N3b parka with such a cool fur hood that zips right up. Makes me feel fuzzy and warm inside. Gazwold - January 28, - Report this comment. Hi Gemma, Have you got any pictures of you zipped up in your parka?

Spuggie - February 09, - Report this comment. Mitchie, love the comment you left on 30 September ' That sounds like the perfect parka for me! Wish I'd been the youngest Williams brother: Parka Guy - February 16, - Report this comment.

Hiya, anyone wanna chat, exchange pics etc, mid 30's: Lord Anthony - February 27, - Report this comment. The comment about the Williams brothers' snorkel is orgasmic. I know from my schooldays that a snorkel parka only started to get ripe after 2 years of solid wear.

The outer shell became smooth and as shiny as glass as the nylon pores became clogged up with sweat and dirt, especially on the shoulders, cuffs, elbows and around the slash pockets.

But best of all were the padded diamonds of the orange lining that got so sodden with grime and caked in oily filth they looked like polished black leather. Spuggie - February 28, - Report this comment. LordAnthony Love your description of your school parka, it sounds just like mine ;- If you've got facebook then checkout some pics of my current filthy ones my username spuggie Mitchie - March 06, - Report this comment.

I was fortunate to experience the wonderful aroma of the williams brothers parkas on a daily basis in our registration class as they were mixed ability. The youngest brother was in my year. He was in the bottom set. Being from a dysfunctional family as I don't think there there was much if any parental encouragement. This did not stop him from being confident and great fun.

His green parka was the filthiest rag you could ever imagine it was limp with dirt and bacteria. The orange diamond quilted lining was very much like polished black leather yet he would wear it open and hanging off his shoulders with the filth clear for all to see. I think this must have been many years in the making.

Spuggie - March 10, - Report this comment. It's a shame I didn't get to experience that youngest Williams brother's parka as it sounds awesome. Some of the lads at my school had similar ones though that I did get to "use" ;- I have a few filthy ones now with the "polished black leather" look on the lining but they never manage to achieve the amazing smell that so many had back at school.

Lord Anthony - March 12, - Report this comment. On the subject of filthy snorkels, one thing has to be said; they were perfect for school violence.

When a fight broke out we'd all leg it over there, link arms and jump up and down doing a wordless chant ner ner ner! The feeling of being in that tightly packed mob of moronic kids was awesome. It was so tight in there that every upward movement became a wankfest as your body rubbed up and down against a smooth, grubby snorkel parka. Spuggie - March 15, - Report this comment. LordAnthony, yes any scrum situation at school was good like getting on the bus, etc; always plenty well scented parkas to enjoy ;- Message me on my spuggie profile on Facebook, we should talk.

Sara - March 20, - Report this comment. Back in the 80's at school we used to tie the parka hood strap of the kid sat in front on the bus to the seat handle so they couldn't get off and missed their stop lol.

Lord Anthony - March 22, - Report this comment. Sara, did you love to wear a snorkel parka too? They looked the horniest when they were fully zipped up that chunky YKK zip! It his the hated school uniform, we all looked the same in them and it became OUR uniform.

Was the orange padded lining of your parka black and shiny too? Sara - March 25, - Report this comment. We all had these snorkels but ours where clean as our mum would wash them regularly. That made the shiny nylon matt after a while and the hood fur became less fluffy. David - April 01, - Report this comment. Lord Anthony - April 06, - Report this comment. I want a mass orgy in snorkel parkas - men and women of all ages, all with their parkas fully zipped up so the snorkel hood gathers tightly around the neck.

There's a gap above the press studs at the bottom, below the zip, allowing easy access once it kicks off: A smooth mass of snorkels welded together. Nathan - April 14, - Report this comment. Love snorkel parkas had several as amid a still wear them today want to be tied up wearing one old school ones.

Sara Marie - April 26, - Report this comment. Hi everyone, I have a deadstock green Campari parka for sale, rabbit fur trim hood, red diamond quilt lining, original tag attached. I can't find another one like it online, I'd love to know more about it too! You can email me at Saramarieoconnell gmail.

David - May 20, - Report this comment. Had a lord Antony snorkel parka as a kid. Great bit of kit for the old paper round until the zipper got stuck full snorkel mode which was fine for a bit , until the rain stopped and sun came out. Sweating like a rapist all the way home in my nylon cocoon lol. Nath - May 20, - Report this comment. Lord Anthony - June 05, - Report this comment. Nathan - June 23, - Report this comment. Just to say I'm selling snorkel parkas and other waterproof jacket contact me on for more details.

Steve - July 28, - Report this comment. I have worn snorkel parkas for years. I always feel great in them and they are the best coats in the world. I love being zipped and buttoned up and the feel of the furry hood against my head is out of this world. I love the way you can adjust the draw strings so that the parka 'hugs' your waist. I have about ten parkas in various colours, not many by some peoples standards, but I love them all the same.

Hi Steve - I have quite lot of parka's - and I have every colour made! If you want to make contact you can via Twitter - at 80sParka.

Tom - September 03, - Report this comment. It's a sad day for me. I visited my grandparents for the weekend and I wore my faithfull old snorkel parka.

My gran commented on how shabby it looked, that I had worn it regularly for a decade and that it was about time to bin it. She laughed and told me that herself and grandad wore the same parkas in the 70's and 80's and that they had a few of them. I perked up when she said she may still have a unused one upstairs and that she'd have a look. She came back down with a parka that was in worse condition than mine. It was made out of the thicker weave nylon whereas mine was the shiny satin type.

She laughed and told me she thought there was one that was hardly worn but unfortunately grandad confirmed that he had thrown it away some time a go. I looked at my coat that night, all of the nylon had gone so shiny it looked covered in oil.

The stitching was a light colour and you could see it missing in many places. In reality, this parka had done really well. An old girlfriend and her mum wore snorkels all the time. I have a picture of her mum wearing my parka back in , it looked alot better then. She bought another parka in and this one was used for gardening and walking the dog until she threw it away in I remember I was looking after their house when they went away for a couple of weeks. I night I had to put the bins out, I looked inside the bin and noticed loads of clothes had been chucked out.

I found and rescued the parka along with some other clothes. I guess it was pretty worn then, never mind another 26 years of use! I knew my gran had thrown that parka in the bin so I went to rescue it when I left.

She had also thrown out a long blue nylon raincoat so I took that too. I got home and got a good look at her parka. It's not really wearable. The truth is I'm now too embarrassed to wear mine, it really does look a state.

Can anyone recommend a good replacement and where to get one? I've seen those Alpha ones but they are expensive. The nylon was very thin and felt crappy and so was the padding. The blue one was way worse than the brown one. I wore the blue one quite alot but didn't like it at all. Once it got dirty, I put it in the bin. I still have the brown one and have worn it a few times but don't like it.

Noooo - don't bin them! Really handy to have, even for spares - buttons, zips etc. Even the Pop ones are nice. I'll have any old ones you don't want. Have a look on ebay for 80s snorkel parka's - you'll find one soon I'm sure. Spuggie - September 17, - Report this comment. Hi Tom, your current vintage parka sounds perfect all shiny and faded just as I like them: If you search on eBay for snorkel parka you can find plenty vintage ones on there and makes like Lord Anthony, Campri, Brutus and Keynote are all great vintage makes.

Steve - September 27, - Report this comment. Hi Spuggie, I couldn't agree more. I have worn Alpha's for some years. A black N3B which is 20 years old and a rep blue Vf59 with an orange lining which I have bought more recently. Both of them have given me a great deal of pleasure. You are spot on about the modern equivalents of old timers. I have a couple of those and as you say, the quality is not good. Parka snorkel fan - October 08, - Report this comment.

I love this time of year. Time to get my original second hand snorkels parka out of summer hibernation. I've got a small collection of these fantastic coats. From a couple of lord anthony ones with the straight lined quilting to a couple of campri ones where the blue nylon exterior is made for shining like glass with the diamond quilted orange lining that we all love.

I've also got a Wakefields one with the silver backed blue nylon The generous padding also ensured the orange lining has gone nice and black and shiny with the nourishment from my dirty pants and jumpers over the last 4 years. Here is to winter and wearing my filthy parka and getting it even more filthy.

Steve - October 09, - Report this comment. I ride my bike wearing mine with a 'tee' shirt underneath. I love the feel and smell of the fur inside and around the hood. Nice to fee my parka hugging my waist with its drawstring pulled tight. Lord Anthony - November 01, - Report this comment. Snorkel Parkas should be so sodden with filth and rubbed in grime that they shine like glass.

It's exciting to see the gleam on the shoulders of a tight, filthy parka or the grubby, greasy film around the slash pockets. The orange lining should be absolutely black and shiny.

I agree with Parka snorkel fan. The best way to get a snorkel parka in the right condition is to wear it with an unwashed sweaty jumper and filthy jeans. Even in warm weather - zip it up! Spuggie - November 05, - Report this comment. It's great to hear other lads will be wearing their grubby parkas out this winter; so will I. It's a shame we can't post pics here but you'll find plenty of my grubby ones pictured on by Facebook profile named spuggie Hi does anyone else have the green parkas with the rabbit fur hoods.

Currently sat in one of my many snorkel parkas with the cuff of the sleeves turned up to show the orange lining - remember plenty of people doing that, it looks kinda sexy too! Lord Anthony - December 13, - Report this comment. ZipCode - December 20, - Report this comment. Whatever the make or however you love them: Snorkel Parkas are the best!

I wish you and your Snorkels a Merry Christmas and a very cold but prosperous new year! Three cheers for the Snorkel Parka All mine are nice and clean - like new some of them! I have over in all colours! Lord Anthony - I don't get this having it dirty and grubby - I'm sure all your other clothes are never washed and dirty! You must look like a homeless person when you go out lol. Steve - January 09, - Report this comment.

I agree 80s parka. My parkas are used and 'lived in' but not dirty. My favourites are two fairly new Vf59 n3b's one in green and one in rep blue, both with orange linings and lovely furry hoods.

I wear them constantly wherever I go. ZipCode - January 12, - Report this comment. Daniela - January 21, - Report this comment. I just bought a snorkel parka coat from a charity shop. It's a proper old one blue with orange inside and silver grey plush fur around the hood. Best feeling ever when you zip it right up on a cold night. Lord Anthony - January 22, - Report this comment.

Daniela The feeling of being snorkelled up is really ace. The old navy blue ones with padded orange lining are the best, and they look better and better the older they get. Best of all is to pull the chunky YKK zip right up to the top so the snorkel hood gathers in tight folds, hugging your neck and the zip hangs down under your chin!

Steve - January 29, - Report this comment. I love wearing my green Alpha n3b fully zipped up to the top in full snorkel mode with all five flap buttons done up.

The waist draw string pulled so that my parka hugs my waist. Its lovely cosy hood feels great with its warm fur against my skin. All that can be seen is my glasses looking into my snorkel hood. It feels so geeky, cosy and warm and I feel as though I am in a world of my own.

I have even worn my parka indoors if the house is cold. Snorkel parkas are the best coats ever and they get better the more you wear them. It has been great this winter being out and about amongst everyone else wearing their parkas. Parka snorkel fan - February 09, - Report this comment. My favourite parka has been worn daily during the last five winters without ever being washed.

It's really filthy now with the orange lining blackened with deeply ingrained dirt all, the navy blue exterior is also in such a filthy state as the dirt has accumulated in the nylon weave to make it ultra shiny and slippery to the touch on the front, shoulders, arms, elbows and sleeves.

It's at the point now where the stitching at the cuffs and side seems has been worn so thin that it has started to split in places. I love wearing it out and about, it gets lots of looks from other people and it's funny watching their reaction as they stare at the filthyness and shabby state of the parka.

They were a common sight in such a state during the s especially in poor areas where dirty smelly parkas were readily available for a couple of quid in jumble sales and car boot sales already displaying the dirt of their first and sometimes multiple owners When im out in mine in town some people shake their heads.. I often wonder if they are fans of the ubiquitous filthy parka snorkel. Lord Anthony - February 12, - Report this comment.

Parka snorkel fan That's brilliantly written. There's no doubt about it, once a snorkel parka is acquired that's it. It never gets washed. If you're lucky you can find one that's already black, greasy and filthy.

The fascination is seeing what goes on inside and outside over years of wear. The bright orange lining first starts to get grey, then the grey gradually darkens as more filth is rubbed in until it reaches that magical stage when the black shines like glass. There is no orange anymore. The thicker the padding, the better. As you say, the outside gets transformed beyond all recognition. Layers of grease, dirt and sweat get rubbed in, clogging everything up until it becomes one smooth and shiny mass of nylon, best of all navy blue in my opinion.

The worst affected areas are around the slash pockets, the cuffs and the top of the shoulders. Maybe it would be better to say "I'm wearing smooth" instead of a parka. When I was at comprehensive school in the UK I was surrounded by kids in parkas that had never been washed.

Jumping up and down at a fight, with warm, smooth, grubby parkas pressing in on you on all sides was amazingly exciting. Anyone who's experienced it will know. Parkaguy - February 13, - Report this comment. Totally experienced that Lord Anthony! I used to start fights and bundles just to get myself smothered by guys in their snorkel parka! Parka snorkel fan - March 01, - Report this comment. Looks like a few years of filth on the lining.

Been wearing my filthy parka in the freezing weather, nice and warm the blue nylon shines beautifully in the winter sunshine showing the build up of grime off beautifully. Nigel - April 05, - Report this comment. I have a green original parka we wore them to school the rabbit fur is a real school parka I have a blue blue snorkel parka they cannot make them now like that all my mates wore them at school my favourite one was the green one with re Red lining up to.

Lord Anthony - May 19, - Report this comment. The navy blue parkas are the best when they get worn down. The sheen and rubbed in grime transforms the nylon into a conduit of filth.

Parka snorkel fan - June 15, - Report this comment. Lord Anthony your post is totally true, that filthy orange lining and encrusted nylon Just been wearing my filthy Wakefield parka tonight Lord Anthony - June 16, - Report this comment. I like black leather biker jackets too with black filthy linings and greasy leather shells, but nothing can top how the outside of a navy blue snorkel parka gets so unbelievably shiny and smooth as the nylon weave soaks up and holds the sweat, grease, and grime.

It shines like a mirror. Snorkel - July 03, - Report this comment. Paul - July 12, - Report this comment. Stu - July 13, - Report this comment. Has anyone got any filthy parkers for sale..

I want one already worn and filthy large??? Lord Anthony - July 21, - Report this comment. Stu I hope you get one. It's a paradox but the filthier they are the more you can charge.

Absolute heaven is a parka with no orange lining to be seen. Just engrained shiny black filth. I have just washed one of many many parkas and got it dry for wearing tonight! Its like new but an 80s original. Parka snorkel fan - September 07, - Report this comment.

Washing my favourite parka is something I will never do. It's got six years of dirt grime and sweat engrained in it now so just starting to mature into one shiny mass of nylon. The blue exterior is gleaming with polished dirt but best of all is the once orange lining which is black at the base, neck line and the inner cuffs. It will be worn proudly every day for another season to continue to build up the dirt and give it the smooth shiny platina that a good old school parka snorkel should have!

Parka snorkel fan - September 12, - Report this comment. My favourite parka is not fresh. I always remember at school I would spend the autumn term switching my new clean fresh parka for ever more dirty ones.

Each swap involved swapping a cleaner one for a dirtyer more tatty one. The changes were subtle at first but each swap meant a more grubby lining and at eshiny exterior. By the Christmas I always had the dirtiest parka snorkel in my year. The scent would get ever stronger for each switch. Midhraun 11, Gardabaer. Privacy Policy Returns and Exchanges. Newsletter Join our mailing list to receive our newsletters, as well as notifications of special offers and discounts.

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