6 Great Colors for Your Nursery

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What does the color baby blue stand for? Check out how a tiered stand provides a great display for fruit and a chocolate fountain.

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Choose Color for a Boy's Nursery Blue is a great color choice for a boy's nursery, but it's far from being the only choice. Shades of green, red, brown, white and yellow are also all great options for your nursery.
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Best Baby Nursery Color Schemes and Combinations for a Baby Boy or Girl's Nursery Room We have some examples of the best baby nursery color schemes and color combinations to help you choose fabrics, wall paint and basically all of the decisions that come your way when decorating a baby's room.
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Choose Color for a Boy's Nursery Blue is a great color choice for a boy's nursery, but it's far from being the only choice. Shades of green, red, brown, white and yellow are also all great options for your nursery.

This confetti baby shower is a unique theme and fun way to honor an expectant mother. Recreate the look by incorporating plenty of confetti inspired dots throughout the decorations and treats. You can DIY paper circle garlands by punching circles of varying sizes in party colors and sewing them into strings for hanging.

Wrap boxes in polka dot paper to display a variety of delicious treats like cookies, cupcakes and cake pops. Welcoming a new baby boy into the world can be a world of fun! It features map inspired decorations in shades of blue, green and aqua. The cuisine was inspired from around the world and featured dishes from Greece, India, Mexico, China, and Hawaii. Darling suitcase favors were packed with Earth-shaped plantable seed paper.

A stork inspired theme is a fabulous choice for a boy baby shower or a gender neutral soiree. Paper silhouettes of storks and baby buggies make for a darling bunting decoration. But what really wowed were the onesie cookies, mouth-watering cupcakes, cake pops, and sugar cookies decorated to mimic the baby shower invitation. Inspiration for a boy baby shower theme can come from just about anywhere. Would you believe that an abstract Boston terrier art piece in shades of black and yellow was the inspiration behind this shower?

Everything from the baby shower decorations to the floral centerpieces to the table linens and place settings tied into this color scheme and was inspired by that artwork. Even the cupcakes coordinated with their yellow frosting! And the Boston terrier cookie favors are too cute for words!

Lighthearted and colorful, this monster baby shower is likely to garner more grins than screams. Beverages and cupcakes are both decked out in monster wrappers. Oh, this party will make you smile at the witty and colorful details! Adding printable labels of favorite Dr. Seuss books to the fronts of party favor bags will have everyone reminiscing over their favorite book!

What a seriously fun baby shower theme for welcoming a new little one! Soft shades of green and blue pair for this darling little boy baby shower. Prepare to be blown away by the dessert details! The cake pops with mini buttons and bows are adorable, as are the cute cupcakes topped with edible fondant baby toppers.

And what better way to celebrate the special delivery-to-come than with a stork cake? Dessert jars covered in fabric with decorative baby safety pins attached are just another example of the thoughtful details. Still trying to pick a boy baby shower theme? Personal touches such as handmade banners and buntings decorated the outdoor space. A delicious menu of salads, appetizers, and desserts were displayed in the midst of beautiful decorative accents.

Step right up and enjoy the wonderful details of this cirque du bebe baby shower. The printable elements of this party are so eye catching with bold colors, patterns and fonts. Ostrich feather centerpieces bring in a touch of the glam. And of course the food coordinates with a circus theme with fun options like cotton candy, cupcakes, candy, and cake pops!

Muted shades of brown and blue pair nicely with the style of vintage toys used as decoration in this vintage toys baby shower. The gorgeous cake features fondant details made to look like a bow tie and baby blocks. A variety of sweet cookies and desserts are showcased on platters and in glass domed jars. Printable tags and party flags dress up the desserts. Want your baby shower to go swimmingly? Throw a goldfish themed baby shower like this one, featuring darling handmade goldfish invitations with black rhinestone eyes.

Guests will love the idea shared for fish bowl centerpieces displaying live goldfish. There are budget-friendly ideas for decorations, food and desserts.

Celebrate the wild parenting to come with a Wild West baby shower theme! The perfect balance between country and cowboy, this fun baby shower has a lot of graphic appeal, too. Burlap, hay bales, stuffed horses, and cowboy hats make for some darling table settings. Custom printables in shades of brown and red help the theme to take shape and add a personal touch to the baby shower decorations.

Wooden berry baskets filled with Frenchy soaps and lotions, hand-stamped wooden cutlery, vintage bottles filled with dried lavender and a beautiful florals are just a few of the highlights.

Also not to be missed is the dessert table laden with mouth-wateringly delicious French treats—macarons, madeleines and beignets. A lovely assortment of French breads and fresh fruit paired with made to order omelets for a perfect French inspired brunch.

As you might imagine, yellow is prominent in this party, which is full of cute details centered on birds and bees. The cake, cookie favors, and cake pops are perfect for this baby shower theme. Anchored in red, white and blue with lanterns, knots and all things pertaining to sailors, this nautical baby shower will have you grabbing your sea legs.

Set outside amongst the trees, this gorgeous apple of my eye baby shower is brimming with creative details. The brown, green, and white color palette sets the tone for adorable decorations, including fruit baskets filled with apples and floral arrangements, vintage style crates and furniture pieces. Check out the rustic dessert table backdrop made from palette wood and paint!

And how cute are the food and dessert labels attached to green apples using twine? There are so many exquisite details not to be missed!

There is a sea of ideas, including the cutest food ideas! And how cute are the cake pops with frosted nautical rope detailing? Rice Krispy sailboats will float your boat too! Frogs, and dirt and slime never looked so good! The mostly green and brown color palette lends itself to some pretty creative ideas including cups filled with guacamole, chips, black bean salsa, and pita bread mud and slime.

Be sure to look for the Mississippi Mud cupcakes, frog cake pops, and adorable frog cake! This classic, vintage inspired gender neutral baby shower is perfect for celebrating a new baby when the gender is not known, but has plenty of details perfect for a boy specific baby shower or a girl baby shower too!

Sweet little outfits hung with fabric pendants make a great decoration hung on the fireplace mantle. The cake, cupcakes and cookies are perfectly coordinated; the cohesion is flawless.

This boy baby shower is a snappy take on a very boyish theme. And while the theme is definitely all boy, the decorations are totally all girl. Bright oranges and golden yellows were incorporated into the flowers and linens. A beautiful, on-trend geometric pattern was chosen for the theme and added that modern flair. Lady like brunch food was served, perfect for all of the women in attendance. Eat, sleep, play ball! Plaids and glitter in red, white and blue star in this creative boy sports theme baby shower.

What a fun way to welcome the newest all-star to the family. Choosing your favorite winning detail from this baby shower may be tough, especially when there are so many cute details to choose from.

Chocolate covered football strawberries and a soccer ball topped cake are just a couple of examples. Even the bowls used to serve up snacks functioned as décor and tied in with the theme since they were shaped like sports balls! What colors match baby blue?

What does the color baby blue stand for? The baby is a boy. Who decided at birth blue was a boy color and pink is a girl color? I'm a boy and I do … n't like blue. It's a color that both sexes can use even though it is given to boys at birth to separate them from girls. I think boys need a pretty color that girls can't use since girls have the pretty color of pink that boys can't use. Why is the color blue associated with boys and pink associated with girls? But it definitely should not be judged like that!!!

What color is Neptune I it baby blue or blue? What should twin babies room color be if there is a boy and a girl? Something that makes good decorating sense. There are no rules. What does the color baby blue mean? Is baby blue a girl color? Is baby blue a feminine color?

My bro's room is baby blue, new born boys always have baby blue blankets, Justin Bieber's favorite color is baby blue and purple. Which bike color for a girl baby blue or light purple? If she's a girlier girl, light purple is the way too go.

Sweet Baby Boy The perfect color for parents looking to create a calming, breezy space for Baby. And although light blue is a classic baby room color, this shade also has the flexibility to adapt and compliment your child’s changing interests as he or she gets older. Choose Color for a Boy's Nursery Blue is a great color choice for a boy's nursery, but it's far from being the only choice. Shades of green, red, brown, white and yellow are also all great options for your nursery. Turquoise, Silver, Winter White, and Navy Baby Boy Nursery Color Palette - perfect color scheme Find this Pin and more on Polar Nursery by Natalie Berck. Silver, Winter White, and Navy Minus the teal and add green or coral.