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At Attico, the bags were ultra simple, made of delicate fabrics and a magnificent print, and the drawstrings were extra long so they could be wrapped around the wrist or attached to a belt. We get the same brands Tyson chicken and pork, IBP beef that all the big name stores get. For all baby products, place your trust in the professionalism and expertise of Bô-Bébé. You have to remember this is affordable, bargain shopping to feed yourself and your family.

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After a shopping frenzy for the £5 Anya Hindmarch designer eco bag, tomorrow Sainsbury's is also launching its first Make The Difference day when it will stop giving out free carrier bags for one.
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I took my husband with me on my last trip and said watch this…it was an awesome check out situation and its all because of your blog. You forgot to mention ALDI has virtually no customer service, tries to avoid issuing rain checks, and has limited selection. One tip i have to make the ninja cashiers move even faster is to take a second when you putting your items on the belt and organize them from heaviest and toughest to lightest and weakest.

It makes it easier and quicker for them to stack your cart full. Doing this tip elevates both problems. They were very informative and delightful at the same time! I appreciate all your valuable info written in such a helpful and amusing way: Do you have an actual PDF or form with the layout of the store?? Most of the produce is seasonal and is from the USA. Some items are from other countries and since these items are usually sprayed with pesticides by the US when arriving into our country, I usually skip those.

Went to Aldi for first time,and was lost at check out procedure. Now I can go back informed. Every question was answered. Items I bought were equal to all the brands I have,always bought in the past. I like to clip coupons from my local grocery store to take along to Aldi shop Aldi first, then the bigger grocery store.

Great way to save even more money! Ali, Thanks for posting information about Aldi. I love this store. But I am skeptical about their meats?? Can you provide more insight. We get the same brands Tyson chicken and pork, IBP beef that all the big name stores get. We just package it in our private label ex. Kirkwood chicken in order to save you money. We are also extensively trained in inspecting the meat for quality. Went to Aldi today for the first time at the recommendation of a friend.

I was impressed by the prices. Love that you have to pay to use a cart. Saw that when I went to Italy and wished American stores did it. And their produce was pretty fresh. No rotten fruits or vegetables. None that I saw anyway. Opened last year in May. I am from Germany, Aldis home country. In Germany it is normal having to pay for bags and having to pack your own groceries in every supermarket, not just Aldis.

Also you always have to insert a quarter in the shopping cart and bring it back. The only thing different at Aldi is the packing area — only the cashier will not put your stuff in another cart for you, you have to do that yourself and you have to use the cart you used to do your shopping. They have really long conveyor belts so all your groceries will fit, but you better be fast because the belt ends right after the cashier! I think this is a really great system because I hate it when I have to wait just because other customers are too slow.

Aldi makes them speed up. I shop at Aldi in Illinois. I almost never take bags or boxes, seems a waste to sort and fill just to unload and sort at home. I have a few small square laundry baskets I bring in the car. When I come out with a full cart, I sort items into the baskets like this: Easier to bring into the house this way too! I love Aldi, it has been around a long time. It certainly helped my single mother raise 5 kids. I love how it has evolved, and I think that it has some of the bests chocolate bars anywhere, also the pasta sauce, and salad dressings are delicious.

I like that things that are new and trendy even make their way and our store in West Virginia even offers Organic milk! You are a fool if you do not take advantage of the steals here, why pay more? Your posts have given me the confidence to shop at Aldi. I too grew up with a preconceived notion about Aldi and have avoided it for that reason and also as getting the cart out with. So silly I know.

Every week I shop at aldi and walmart. I have a list for what is the best buy at each store. I have nnot found any products that my family does not like from aldi. I do save money by shapping at aldi. I buy most of my meat at walmart. This is my biggest gripe in other stores. Is it fresh, whiole produce or the pre-packaged cast off stuff like Wal-Mart offers? The lettuce is the biggest offender. I could just hug you for publishing this.

As an employee of Aldi, one of my biggest complaints is that I wish that there was an Aldi Guide to give customers tips. We are very different from your typical grocery store. This is perfect…you made excellent points, gave great tips! I bought bottles of water 24 pack and it smelled from mildew. It smelled up my whole kitchen and after I threw it out the smell remains. I am very upset by this. For all the nay-sayers, just remember Aldi is not for everyone!

You have to remember this is affordable, bargain shopping to feed yourself and your family. I also love everything they do to keep prices down for their customers. I love Aldi too. Later I learned they. Pasta is as good as Barilla. The one constant problem with Adli is the staff. I came across your blog as I was talking to someone about Aldi..

I love Aldi, but I did not know about the weekly special email list. I signed up right away!!! I can find a decent amount of stuff at Aldi and I usually shop there first and then fill in my shopping list at other stores. I love seeing how much Aldi is growing in the U. Great news — as of March , Aldi accepts credit cards: One of my new tricks to shopping at Aldi is to bring a laundry basket. I keep it empty under the cart when shopping and when unloading my groceries I put it in the next cart where they will put the groceries after scanning them.

I usually bring a couple of small bags for the heaviest items like juices. The cashiers are timed by management so youvdont want to hold them up at all. Without a doubt the best suggestion i could make would be to get yourself a set of trolley bags. Not expensive and save soo much time after checkout and loading into car. Just came across this article!

I bought some at an Earth Day event in Ohio but theres also an online store. The crates are lightweight but sturdy and the 4 pack I have came with a carry bag to put them all in and a collapsible cooler insert. Stack the other 2 on top when the first two are full. Aldi is great but their prices have raised a lot in the last couple of years.

I really do with other grocery stores have bagging tables though. I agree on being intentional to protect your delicate items from being bashed at checkout — I manage it.

I also find that since I make a point to be friendly and kind to the cashiers they are very responsive to any request I have.

A little kindness goes a long way! So, for example, I tried several of their coffees until I found the one we liked best and now that is the one I buy each week. No hassle at all. Just shopped for the first time at Aldi after reading this first, so I was prepared for the cart and brought my own bags.

Dairy, meat and frozen similar to TJs though.. There was also only one employee in the store! I use an electric wheelchair, went into Aldi for the 1st time ever. My wife recently passed so shopping is new to me. Everything looked so confusing I left without buying anything. After reading you description of shopping at an Aldi I will go back. The one and only time I went to Aldis, the clever told me that my cart was now her cart.

My favorite thing in the world is spending time around the table with good people and good food. So I created this blog full of simple, speedy, and irresistibly delicious recipes that are perfect for sharing with those you love. How To Shop At Aldi. It is primarily a Quebecer family company that has been in the business for over 20 years already. It's also three baby stores in Montreal, Laval and St-Hubert specialized in the sale of Quebec baby products that will make your life easier. With us, you will find all the baby accessories to help you in your daily life such as strollers , car seats and high chairs.

Enjoy the expertise of our staff and ask them to help you to make an informed choice. You are about to decorate the room that will welcome your little one in Longueuil or Brossard? We have everything you need to furnish baby rooms, and many choices of baby cribs , mattresses and baby bedding in all colors.

Is Baby grown up? Come see our junior beds! At Bô-Bébé, we support you throughout the growth of your child. Whether for cushions, soft toys, utensils or fixtures, visit one of our three baby stores in Montreal, Laval and St-Hubert, or, if you can not move on the South Shore Montreal or the North Shore of Montreal, visit now our online store! We also have a great delivery service at fixed rates and fantastic financing offers through Desjardins.

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